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Reviews from verified customers speak for themselves...

“A perfect combination or professionalism and a relaxed environment.”

“I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the work done at WILLY Tech Shop. I love getting quick, reliable work while supporting a local Madison company!”

“I was very satisfied with the service I received along with the pleasant person that waited on me. I thought he was very knowledgeable and I would recommend the store to anyone who has a Mac computer.”

“On several occasions I have had to bring my MacBook in for additional programs and service. Also a friend from CA had problems with his Mac and couldn't believe the great service. I am over 200 miles away but on my trips to southern WI I make sure if my Mac needs anything I stop at this shop. Great people, great service!! They have never failed me. Thanks!”

“I recently came in because the memory on my MacBook Air was full. EEKS! They helped me greatly through this process, teaching and guiding me patiently along the way. Thank you!”

“Thanks WILLY Tech Shop for your efficient, clear, and helpful advice. I got just what I needed. I am pleased to know about this local resource. I will definitely go back for more.”

“I was very pleased with the service. They made it so easy for me to "hit the ground running." I was able to immediately catch up on emails which was important because I am organizing a major project. They were helpful when I was deciding what to buy. I look forward to when I come in for my lesson!”

Great customer reviews. WILLY has them!

What is WILLY Tech Shop?

Madison’s independent, locally-owned, Apple technology resource for Sales, Service, On-Site Support, Repair and Recycling.

Our Principal Mission (aka Our Driving Force)

  1. 1)At Willy Tech Shop, you are family. We will give you honest answers and tell you like it is.

  2. 2)Provide a superior customer experience through the products and services we offer.

  3. 3)Demonstrate environmental responsibility in all that we do.

  4. 4)Give back to and be a part of our community.

  5. 5)Have some fun along the way!

Most companies have a guiding philosophy that governs how they do business; how they react to customers, what they are trying to sell and why, and even how they view a standard business transaction.

How these philosophies are communicated to customers vary. Some do it with advertising, some do it with an emphasis to their employees, and some don’t do it at all (until you have a problem).

At WILLY Tech Shop, we decided to take a direct approach and just tell anyone who wants to read them what our guiding philosophies are when it comes to our business. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful when determining whether you want to buy from us, or if you run into a problem you’re asking us to solve. Either way, these philosophies will give both our customers and our employees a framework within which we can find common ground, and hopefully make you a WILLY Tech Shop friend for life.

We invite you to experience the WILLY Tech Shop difference.

- The WILLY Tech Shop team

The WILLY Tech Shop approach

At WILLY Tech Shop what makes us who we are has to do with our location on Williamson (Willy) Street in Madison, Wisconsin. People tend to be a little off the wall, laid back, and delight in marching to their own drummers. There is a lot of tolerance for divergent views, as well as a lot of creativity. As for Wisconsin's second largest urban area, Madison is either a small city or a large town, depending on how you want to look at it. The very fabric of our community is built around unique neighborhoods that help bring vitality and a richness to our lives. WILLY Tech Shop is very fortunate to be a part of the Williamson Street community, one of Madison’s favorite, historic neighborhoods, which contributes in a positive way to who we are and the overall experience we provide.

We like to think of ourselves as mavericks in many ways, and that can certainly be said of WILLY Tech Shop. We see ourselves as an oasis, in an age where the trend is all about faceless website transactions where personal interactions are kept at a minimum, and Big Box corporate stores tell you what serves their best interest, not yours. We want to understand what you do and how you do it, so we can best impart our experience and knowledge into helping you make the best decision. We like to get to know you, and have you get to know us.

We also try and do that with a very friendly, non-techy and humorous attitude. We remind ourselves regularly to 1) Not take ourselves too seriously in any situation, 2) Don't sweat the small stuff, 3) Care. Care. And keep caring... about all our fellow human beings, 4) Have a sense of humor. 5) Enjoy life, smell the roses. Make sure you only expend that extra energy on what's really important, life experiences, relationships, and doing what you believe in.

Honesty. We do like to tell it like it is. No corporate policies telling us how or what we can offer our customers. We offer a variety of choices from some of the best brands in the marketplace today. And we offer it all with a smile, hopefully a laugh or two, and just good-old fashioned customer service.

WILLY Tech Shop is 100% locally-owned and operated

Since 2005, “WILLY Tech Shop” has been supporting our local customers service, support and training needs.

See our “History” page for more info: WILLY Tech Shop History

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES! They contribute to our LOCAL economy!

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