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It’s all about you and your Mac.

Mac focused service.

Quick repair times.

Over 25 years experience supporting Apple’s past, present & future.

Why use WILLY Tech Shop for your Apple computer repair or upgrade?

  1. 1.Full Service repair shop for out of warranty Mac repairs: Macs ONLY need apply!

  2. 2.We repair only Macs / 25+ years of experience. Don’t trust your Macintosh computer to anyone who “does it all”!

  3. 3.By appointment only, at this time!     Click to Book an appointment

  4. 4.We are Madison’s ONLY Mac focused Service Provider with no Apple sales quotas to meet! So you are assured of getting honest advice and recommendations when you stop in!

  5. 5.We employ Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians.

  6. 6.We use Genuine Apple Parts*.

  7. 7.Quick repair times! (Expedited service available*)

  8. 8.In-Shop or On-Site Service & Support options available at you home or office! (On-Site, by appointment only)

  9. 9.Relaxed, no pressure environment. We are here to serve you!

  10. 10.Great customer reviews: “5 stars” average customer rating, from verified customers!

  11. 11.Locally-owned and operated! Shopping local supports our local community!

What should you do before coming in?

No matter what Mac you’re bringing in, make sure you have all of your valuable data backed up! If your data is not backed up, we provide great options in shop to make it happen. External hard drives are an excellent, secure backup solution for Macs, especially with the ultra-convenient Apple Time Machine tool. For more information, speak with your WILLY service representative, we are here to help!

Macintosh Computer Service Options

  1. Out-of-Warranty Repairs / Services: Labor ($95/hr) + cost of parts (if applicable).

  2. Hardware Diagnostic: $95 (applied towards completed repairs)

  3. Malware, Virus, Adware & Pop-Ups cleanup and removal

  4. Data Backups & Recovery

  5. RAM & Hard Drive Upgrades

  6. Software Installation & Repair

  7. Accidental Damage / Liquid Damage / Damaged Screen Repair

  8. We DO NOT OFFER service & repair for: AppleCare / In-Warranty Macs; iPhone, iPad or iPod; Beats headphone products; or PC computers

* Depends on Mac, repair options and parts availability. See store for details.

** Items NOT covered under warranty include, but are not limited to: repairs or upgrades performed by companies or individuals who are NOT Apple Authorized; accidental damage; troubleshooting software corruption and conflicts; software installation, updates or optimization; data backup or recovery; dirty, dusty, or abused machines; third party products and related software; Malware, virus, adware cleanup and removal; etc.

804 Williamson (Willy) St.  Madison, WI  MAP      (608) 270-4444

Reviews from verified customers speak for themselves...

“A perfect combination or professionalism and a relaxed environment.”

“I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the work done at WILLY Tech Shop. I love getting quick, reliable work while supporting a local Madison company!”

“I was very satisfied with the service I received along with the pleasant person that waited on me. I thought he was very knowledgeable and I would recommend the store to anyone who has a Mac computer.”

“On several occasions I have had to bring my MacBook in for additional programs and service. Also a friend from CA had problems with his Mac and couldn't believe the great service. I am over 200 miles away but on my trips to southern WI I make sure if my Mac needs anything I stop at this shop. Great people, great service!! They have never failed me. Thanks!”

“I recently came in because the memory on my MacBook Air was full. EEKS! They helped me greatly through this process, teaching and guiding me patiently along the way. Thank you!”

“Thanks WILLY Tech Shop for your efficient, clear, and helpful advice. I got just what I needed. I am pleased to know about this local resource. I will definitely go back for more.”

“I was very pleased with the service. They made it so easy for me to "hit the ground running." I was able to immediately catch up on emails which was important because I am organizing a major project. They were helpful when I was deciding what to buy.”

Great service reviews. WILLY has them!

Got Beige?

WILLY can help!

Our service team has the experience and tools to help preserve your legacy data!

WILLY Tech Shop has 25+ years experience supporting Apple’s past, present and future.


WILLY can help!

We can perform many upgrades on your Mac including*:

  1. Software installation

  2. Additional memory

  3. Larger/faster hard drives

  4. & more!

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Malware, Viruses, Adware or Pop-Ups got you down?

WILLY can help!

Our service team has the experience and knowledge to fix the problem quickly and educate you on how to avoid problems in the future!

We repair, service & upgrade only Macs...

Even before you walk

into our shop, we have

your safety in mind.

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