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Willy Tech Shop is Celebrating 18 years of supporting Madison’s Macintosh community!  A big, heartfelt thank you to our many loyal customers for their kindness and support.

The last few years have been life changing for most of us in many shared and also unique ways, and that is no different here at WILLY Tech Shop. We have seen firsthand how the world around us and our customers lives changed significantly during this time in ways we could not have imagined.

So it seemed timely that we ask ourselves and our customers, How can WILLY Tech Shop improve our current service offerings to better meet our customers changing needs today and in the future?

Overwhelmingly, the answers are accessibility and convenience. So then, how best can we achieve those needs?

How does WILLY Tech Shop evolve with a changing world?

The answer seemed simple enough. Bring the WILLY Tech Shop experience directly to our customers:

in their communities, in their neighborhoods and in their homes…to accomplish this, WILLY Tech Shop is growing beyond the limitations of a brick and mortar shop and transitioning to a Mac mobile service provider.

More exciting updates to follow, check back here for more information!

Willy Tech Shop is currently gearing up and will be hitting the road soon with our new state of the art, hybrid Mac mobile service!

WTS 2.0 upgrade