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804 Williamson (Willy) St.  Madison, WI  MAP      (608) 270-4444

“WILLY U” - Madison’s best choice for personal one-on-one training.

WILLY Tech Shop offers our very popular “WILLY U” personal one-on-one training sessions with flexible options designed to support your digital lifestyle. We make learning a positive experience in a relaxed environment with knowledgeable people who can help you do it all at your own pace.

Just need a quick refresher on importing or organizing photos with iPhoto/Photos?

Need help retrieving documents or Time Machine backups?

Are your contacts or calendar not syncing between your Mac and iPhone?

A “WILLY U” session may just be the thing to get you back on track!

“WILLY U” is available for purchase in 30 & 60 minute sessions, by appointment only!

Call to schedule an appointment: (608) 270-4444.

“These sessions are so helpful. My questions are answered and lots of features I was totally unaware of are introduced. I feel I'm learning how to work with my computer rather than fighting it.”

“One on one training (at WILLY Tech Shop) gives you access to your Apple notebook like nothing else. Each session is focussed on your own questions and issues. You work at your own pace and can cover the material as many times as it takes to master the situation. You are always made to feel comfortable and affirmed in your ability--a perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness.”

“All the people at WILLY Tech Shop have been very helpful in getting me to know my MacBook Pro. They have endless patience with me which I appreciate. Clear instruction and good service.”

“I have enjoyed reading all the reviews and agree with every one--(unless I missed something negative in there!)--I enjoy every training session at WILLY Tech Shop. Everyone is skilled, competent and friendly. I always learn something new and have fun, too. I especially like the fact that I am doing the work--it really helps me remember the process when I get home.”

“The ambience at WILLY Tech Shop is a welcome contrast to the alternative across town. No parking problem, no background noise, doesn't feel like an assembly line. Mac popularity is a good thing, and well-deserved, and WILLY Tech Shop provides a pleasant learning environment.”

“...I am so happy to be with WILLY Tech Shop on Williamson Street... we get GREAT, personalized customer service, and are giving a LOCAL business our business. Every time I walk in the door they call me by name, and we are thrilled with the outstanding customer service/support experience.”

“...This training program is an incredible value for the one on one training you get! I'm becoming a lot more confident in my Mac skills.”

Great training. WILLY has it!

Reviews from verified customers speak for themselves...

Great training reviews. WILLY has them!

Get comfortable.

WILLY can help!

Learning is best in an environment which matches your comfort level. That is why WILLY offers you options in our comfortable seating area (shown below) or a more traditional workspace area.

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