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804 Williamson (Willy) St.  Madison, WI  MAP      (608) 270-4444

“Great, very patient and good at troubleshooting.”

“Great service, great people.”

“Gain in Confidence!  The consultant was very understanding and patient; I walked out a new woman!”

“Very courteous, helpful, and patient.”

“Patient and instructive.  Will definitely be back.”

“Knowledgeable and very helpful!  I highly recommend them and their services.”

“Relaxed and Helpful.  These people can speak to a senior citizen in language we understand! Excellent service!”

“Excellent customer service. I keep coming back to the Willy Tech Shop because all of the staff show they value their customers. I receive common sense answers to my questions. The repair work they've done for me has always been reliable and prompt.”

“Very Professional.  I'm looking forward to my next visit.”

“Fantastic Place to Learn.  Many, many thanks!”

“Friendly Help, Excellent expertise. Willy Tech Shop is an excellent resource on Madison's east side. The people here are not only knowledgeable and skilled, but have the patience to show me how to access the potential in my computer.  What a find!”

“Great support.  I'm really enjoying my laptop.”

“Patient, knowledgeable, and offers plenty of help. Thanks.”

“Knowledgeable and understandable in helping me overcome my neo-Luddite regard for new technology.”

“Great service. They offered money-saving ideas while also increasing the capacity of my refurbished machine. It's so refreshing to work with someone who remembers your name and who truly wants to help you. We will definitely be back to support this local genius.”

“Helpful as always!”

“A Great Day! As a true novice to the electronic age, this is a perfect experience, Working one on one is a super help. Looking forward to learning More and more. thanks!”

“Very helpful! At 64+ I bought my first Mac - A Mac air! Growing my Mac skills so I can enjoy my new Mac!”

“Thumbs up. This store is a great neighborhood resource for eastsiders who don't want to trek out to west towne for Mac help. I buy stuff at the shop just to help support it.”

“Great First Experience.  I'm looking forward to my next session.”

“Good Solid Help. These guys give you the help you need when you need it, without any rolling of eyes or long sighs (because they already sorted you out before). They are great!”

“An Excellent Service.  I'd definitely go there again.”

“Love Willy Tech Shop!  I'm actually having fun with my iMac and I would never have believed it possible. THANKS”

“If I didn't have the expertise of ... Willy Tech Shop, helping me to use my computer, it would be sitting gathering dust. They are both extremely helpful and patient.”

“This was, by far, the most positive computer-help experience I have ever had.  Fantastic!”

“I would definitely suggest Willy tech shop to new customers. Thanks!”

“Having just recently purchased a new Mac somewhere else, I was impressed with the fact that it did not matter to the Willy Tech people. They took their time, explained things in great detail and let me work at my own speed. I am not a computer savvy person but I am learning so much. I cannot say enough good things about the experience that I have had so far.”

“Just bought my first Apple computer after 20+ years with a PC. Am so pleased with the help I'm getting to understand its features. I appreciate the help that I'm getting at the WILLY tech shop and like supporting a local business.”

“I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the work done at WILLY Tech Shop. I love getting quick, reliable work while supporting a local Madison company!”

“A perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness.”

“We are taming the monster. I am confident and empowered.”

“All the people at WILLY Tech Shop have been very helpful in getting me to know my MacBook Pro. They have endless patience with me which I appreciate. Clear instruction and good service.”

“I was very satisfied with the service I received along with the pleasant person that waited on me. I thought he was very knowledgeable and I would recommend the store to anyone who has a Mac computer.”

“Thanks WILLY Tech Shop for your efficient, clear, and helpful advice. I got just what I needed. I am pleased to know about this local resource. I will definitely go back for more.”

“All of my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. I have told others how satisfied I was with the service.”

“I have enjoyed reading all the reviews and agree with every one--(unless I missed something negative in there!)--Everyone is skilled, competent and friendly.”

“The ambience at WILLY Tech Shop is a welcome contrast to the alternative across town. No parking problem, no background noise, doesn't feel like an assembly line. Mac popularity is a good thing, and well-deserved, and WILLY Tech Shop provides a pleasant environment.”

“I was very pleased with the service. They made it so easy for me to "hit the ground running." I was able to immediately catch up on emails which was important because I am organizing a major project. They were helpful when I was deciding what to buy.”

“An employee of WILLY Tech Shop provided one hour assistance with various MacBook issues, partly related to a lack of management skills on my part. They were quite patient in dealing with my inexperience. Most of the problems they dealt with would, I gather, be resolved by my upgrading my OS which he advised me to do without arm-twist”

“WHY did I wait this long before buying a Mac? I've only had it a couple weeks, and my computer headaches are so diminished, even learning a new system. I am so happy to be with the WILLY tech shop on Willy street instead of the corporate store, too - we get the same GREAT, personalized customer service, but are giving a LOCAL business our business. Every time I walk in the door they call me by name, and we are thrilled with the outstanding customer service support/experience. I am a true convert!”

“WILLY Tech Shop was great! I was helped with what I needed and felt like they were really on my side.”

“I would highly recommend WILLY Tech Shop.”

“They did a great job of making me feel comfortable, especially since I am so incredibly green. They also did a good job of subtly testing me on info he had given me in the reinforce. It must be difficult to hold someone's hand through such remedial steps, hopefully I will progress to more interesting exercises...and perhaps a new Mac!”

“WILLY Tech Shop makes learning fun! I have recommended them to several of my friends.”

“Wow, I went in with a list of questions--some biggish, some teeny, but a good-sized list--and we zipped thru 'em like hors d'oeuvres. Now I'm working up my *second* list, and look forward to getting those handled too --Thank you!!”

“They can teach you whatever you need to know about a Mac, and all it's programs. They guide you through programs, teach you keyboard shortcuts, and show you where to look to find answers on your own.”

Reviews from verified customers speak for themselves...

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Great customer reviews. WILLY has them!

“WILLY Tech Shop”

- submitted by a customer

Your service and training is one of a kind,

Your local-owned shop, it's quite a find.

Your friendly staff there are the best,

Most definitely a cut above the rest.

I come there to learn, shop and play,

I also relax a little and enjoy my stay.

You repair computers, the best in town,

Quickly getting me up and running when I was down.

Your local shop has used computers & so much more,

That makes me feel good about buying from your store.

You have products for my iPhone, iPad and Mac,

I'm always happy there and want to come back.

You have my support as you are 100% locally owned,

I support my city, not out of towners or a big box store.

Your products and services can't be beat,

I'll be sure to see you soon at 804 Willy Street!   

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